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Swamper Swansong. And Then There Was One….

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

One of our TWO almost identical Swamper twins left the building for pastures/adventures anew this week.

Having invested a significant amount of time, dedication, resources and love into these in-house full build Volkswagen campervan conversions at the latter part of 2022, it’s akin to when one of your children flies the nest.


A Campervan Conversion With Your Name On It

But of course, we create our bespoke campervan conversions not solely for the labours of love they inevitably - and promptly - turn into. But to ensure that they subsequently find their forever homes with our customers.

Customers like you, for example.

Who fully subscribe to the outdoor lifestyle, and are seeking out the ultimate experiences that said great outdoors has to offer all of us. Our natural playground.

Anyway, that’s enough lyrical waxing for now.

If you’re looking for a distinctive Volkswagen campervan conversion that will transform your travel, holidays, short break, road trips, general escapism options, then swampers provide one of the best routes to these #lifegoals.

Talk To Us

And here at Wirral Custom Campers, we can bring these aspirations to life, courtesy of our learned experiences in the field of Volkswagen campervan conversion. Whether it’s VW Transporter sportsvans and swampers, or the conversion of Crafters and Caddy’s, our long-established team will transform every type of Veedub leisure vehicle.

Whatever your brief is, we can talk through it with you. Offering first-hand advice, opinion and direction as to where you want to take it.

For more information and to have an informal chat with us, get in touch today.

In the meantime, just look how happy the new owner of our latest VW swamper campervan conversion is!

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