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‘Eat, sleep, convert, repeat….’


Wirral Custom Campers shares your vision.


A vision of what the great escape should look like.


At least in terms of the journey, if not the destination.


Only it’s as much about the former, as the latter, as is well documented in popular culture.  

Here at Cheshire's leading camper conversion experts we pretty much eat, sleep, convert, repeat. From the moment you engage any one of our team, you’ll notice that there’s no ‘off’ button.


Because we’re all passionate about creating the very best conversions money can buy, living and breathing the cult of the campervan.  

It’s no surprise though. Given just how actively involved in converting Volkswagen Transporters we are.  

As a team, we bring a lot of practical, hands-on experience to the table.


Having come from a perfect blend of career backgrounds, including automotive bodyshop, panel-beating and glazing. All of which are ideal proving grounds when bearing in mind the very nature of VW campervan conversions.  

As a team we offer practical, workable solutions and means to ends to customers looking for camper conversions throughout Cheshire, Merseyside, Wirral and North Wales.


Our collective versatility, broad-ranging knowledge and individual skillsets ensure that we can make both our own and customers’ campervan design blueprints leap off the screen and become a reality. 

We don’t need to weaponize our imagination for it to become a creative reality before everyone’s eyes.

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