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FOR SALE: Not One, But TWO #affordableswampers

Our Awesome (#affordable) Swampers Will Now See You

It’s like a classic game of ‘Spot the Difference’ to the more casual of observers. It doesn’t matter how much you study these images, it’s virtually impossible to determine what separates these two Volkswagen Swamper conversions.

They’re both resplendent in distinctly monochrome finishes for a quiet start. They both sport massive off-road wheels and knobbly tyres. They both have Skyline Roofs’ pop-tops. They have identical black bonnet bibs and running boards. Identical privacy glass, too. Not to mention like-for-like rubber wheel arch extensions, continued down the flanks of each VW Transporter conversion.

Seeing Double?

But then this is from the outside, and at a more fleeting glance.

Once you pop the tops, so to speak, then the differences suddenly become apparent.

One has black-coloured scenic tent canvas material, whilst the other contrasts with a pale blue variation on a familiar theme. Also, the monster rims. Under closer scrutiny, the sets are different.

And then there’s the interior set-ups. With subtle differences in the kitchen.

So, what makes our ‘affordable’ swampers, that affordable, you’re probably asking at this point?

Well, they both pack a fair bit of kit and caboodle and have been painstakingly converted from the Transporter panel vans which they began their lives being. Which all costs a significant amount of time and money.

However, we’ve not passed this obvious expense onto the potential customers. Hence the customer-friendly and financially appropriate hashtag. And starting prices from £33,995.

So, Just What’s Included in the Affordable Swampers?

Facilitating our very own bespoke ‘High-Line’ pack, both our Veedub Swampers come compete with the following features;

*Skyline Roofs’ standard pop-top (in blue and black), including roof bed

*Sliding, swivel seats - crash-tested

*Carpet lining with 6mm wood ply kit

*2-stage double layered wall insulation

*Vinyl floor covering in various colours, with 12mm wood ply kit

*Luxury black curtain with rails

*3 LED spotlights

*4 windows

*12v electrics + leisure battery

*240v electrics + electric hook-up, complete with • 2 USB sockets, 1 light switch, 240v sockets x2

*Smart charge system

*Kitchen furniture in wood-effect finish

*Smeg 9222 sink + twin hob (gas tested)

*Parago 50-litre fridge + freezer

*10-litre water tank

*M1 crash-tested ‘Rock + Roll’ bed, in bespoke custom leather upholstered trim, complete with seatbelts

*Deeper side step + rear door threshold

*Bonnet bib

*Running boards

*Wheel arch extension kit, with contrasting rubber low-level inserts

*High lift suspension kit

PRICES FROM £33,995 to £35,995

Go Anywhere, Any Time Appeal

Volkswagen Swampers provide the best of both worlds.

Offering the stylish looks and practicality of a more conventional VW Transporter campervan conversion with the versatility and off-grid attributes of a recreational vehicle which can take its occupants far further into the great outdoors/wilderness.

And it just so happens that we have TWO of them currently available.

If you’re interested in either of our two ground-up swamper builds, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our usual channels of communication.

Better still, if you live local to our HQ here in Neston on the sunny Wirral, then why not pop in and see the vans for yourself. You’re more than welcome to drop by for an informal chat, a brew and a viewing. And of course, a road test if you’re wanting to pursue that initial interest.

We look forward to hearing from you….

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