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As we said from the outset. As a campervan owner - or potential one - you’re already embarking on the journey of your lifetime. And not only have you invested in your future, but also immersed yourself into a unique culture.


Essentially you’ve become part of a new family. A family who are found far and wide, and pretty much wherever you may roam.


In acknowledgement and celebration of this cult of the campervan community, we will provide you with all the very latest news about the phenomenon. So when you’re not out ‘adVANturing’ yourself, you can catch up on all which is new, relevant and interesting about the world of campervans. Obviously with a specific leaning towards Volkswagen.


Our blog will cover both news about Wirral Custom Campers, together with broader-ranging infotainment pieces about all aspects of campervan life we just know you’ll love.


Why not bookmark our blog today…..

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