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Introducing Our Very First High-end Volkswagen Crafter Campervan Conversion

By our own admission, it’s been a while coming.

Not least because of our burgeoning order books for individual customer builds. Which has inadvertently meant we’ve been taken off the job more than being solely dedicated to it this summer.

Yet finally we’ve completed it, and our #KingKrafterKonversion is ready to immerse itself in the exciting #vanlife it was born to live out.

And YOU could be the one/couple/family experiencing it up close and personal.

If you’re after a premium-standard built Volkswagen Crafter campervan conversion with a host of touches, many of which are extremely tactile, then this is the home-from-home you’ve been looking for.

And probably never realised it.

Forget Million Pound Motorhomes. Our Brand New (And Affordable*) Volkswagen Crafter Campervan Conversion Is Where It’s At

Just who needs million pound motorhomes when you can own our premium spec Volkswagen Crafter campervan conversion for a fraction of the price.

We’ve all seen the ostentatious builds beyond the reach of most normal folk if, like us, you’ve been glued to that there tellybox when Channel 5’s leading motorhome series is aired.

But have you ever wondered if you could be afforded similar homely luxuries in a premium-spec campervan which won’t necessitate the re-mortgaging of your house.

Yet doesn’t compromise floor space, absolute build quality and ensuring that the most tactile of materials are within our immediate grasp.

Welcome To Our #KingKrafterKonversion

Which, if you excuse the bad grammar, is the most creature comfort-enveloping leisure vehicle on four wheels you’re likely to have seen in a very long time.

If ever.

It also represents our very first foray into in-house, ground-up, full build Volkswagen Crafter campervan conversions, having cut our teeth in the transformation of countless Volkswagen Transporters, as you’re well aware if you follow our social media channels.

So, to the core facts of this build, and the key features include:

  • 4 berth campervan which travels and sleeps 4

  • 2 double beds (suede-lined mattresses)

  • 4 seater family dining area (complete with cool surfboard-styled table)

  • Fully insulated throughout

  • All walls and ceiling suede-lined in grey alcantara

  • Bespoke leather upholstery

  • Toilet facilities

  • Skyline Roofs’ pop-top installation

  • Running hot water

  • Central heating

  • TV

  • Roof-mounted 150-watt solar panel

  • 70-litre fresh water storage

  • Storage facilities throughout

To find out much more about this exceptional Volkswagen Crafter campervan conversion, arrange a viewing and test drive and see for yourself just what we’ve achieved, then please don’t hesitate to talk to the team via the usual means of communication.


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