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NOW AVAILABLE: Another In-house Campervan Conversion Ready To Buy!


It's getting a bit ridiculous/embarrassing now.

They’re coming thick and fast.

Like custard on Concorde.

No sooner have we finished one full customer campervan build, then we’re completing the next of our own in-house conversions.

But it’s just the way we like things to be.

Busy, busy, busy.

That’s what tends to happen when your order books are burgeoning, as ours are.

Get Set For Summer 2024 And The Open Road

Right now we have not one, not two, but THREE in-house built, fully-converted campervans available for you to register your interest in. 

The third of the holy trinity - after the (hashtag)KingKrafterKonversion and the (hashtag)TitaniumTransporter - is THIS.

Our (hashtag)Customcamperfection.

Unfortunately, despite all the best video-making tech and camera perspectives in the world, justice isn’t really done until such time as you observe this Volkswagen T6.1 campervan conversion in the metal. 

Which, as ever, we’re inviting you to do right now.

To make an appointment to view this conversion for yourself, and subsequently affording us the opportunity to talk through this very latest build with you. 

What Sort Of Campervan Conversion Spec Are We Talking About?

Well, that’s one of the first questions you’ll be asking we’d imagine.

If you’ve been following our social media and its recent visual documentation of this particular build then you’ll already be au fait with the details.

However, we’ve cited the primary additions beneath in terms of a brief synopsis.

  • EvoMotion Design kitchen, complete with 2 shelves and dimmable lights

  • RIB bed

  • Skyline Roof’s Standard pop-top install

  • Bi-folding bed

  • In-built gas cooker, sink and fridge

  • 240v and 12v Sargent power supply source

  • Victron smart charger (DC to DC)

  • 3 LED spotlights, and map lighting with USB ports situated in pop-top

  • 240 socket USB (Type C)

  • Altro hard-wearing floor

  • 110 amp leisure battery

  • Black-out curtains

  • Fully insulated

  • Table

Of course, write ups and images are one (well, two as it happens) thing(s).

As we pointed out above, nothing compares to taking a look around a campervan conversion for yourself.

And with spring and summer 2024 upon us before we realise, NOW really is the time to get in touch with the team and arrange a personal viewing and road test of this stunning VW Transporter campervan conversion

You know the drill by now.

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