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Social Media Influencer Reaches Out To Wirral Custom Campers

Most of us dream of living the #vanlife, yet not all of us ACTUALLY make it happen.

Plus, there’s ‘living’ vanlife, and REALLY living vanlife.

By that we mean literally - although more physically - throwing ourselves wholeheartedly/everythingly into the lifestyle. And realistically subscribing to everything that goes with turning our backs on the rat race.

In the case of our latest campervan conversion customer, that manifests as climbing some of the UK’s most stunning mountains. Routinely circumnavigating challenging ridges and aretes which comprise part of their breathtaking landscape, while more generally creating memories via a phalanx of experiences lived.

Of course, this chosen path isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

And vanlife (with or without the hashtag) takes each and every way, shape and form.

Because, adventures simply begin from the other side of our doors, as we all know.

Social Media Influencer Approaches Us To Complete His Campervan Conversion

Yet for Mark (otherwise known as @maccabackpacca on Instagram) he really does appear to be living his best vanlife.

If in any doubt whatsoever, go check out his social media and witness it for yourself. As seeing is truly believing. Something his 20k-plus followers will attest to.

So, with all his adventuring in mind, Mark reached out to us with his specific brief. Describing in detail how he envisaged his campervan conversion, once our team fulfilled his individual brief.

After a hard day’s scaling Mount Snowdon - or any other impressive peaks found both in the Snowdonian range or the Lake District - the desire for being surrounded by familiar creature comforts can’t be overstated enough.

The home-from-home element of a campervan conversion provides this, when professionally completed.

When Is A Veedub Not A Veedub Campervan Conversion?

The short answer is, when it’s a Ford Transit Custom.

But there’s a little more to it than just that.

The campervan at this time of asking was something of a departure from our stock in trade.


And in particular, Transporters and Crafters.

Although that’s not to say we haven’t undertaken a variety of customer briefs on other market-leading campervans previously, including Mercedes Sprinter’s, Fiat Ducato’s and Ford Transit Custom’s. The latter being the campervan which Mark approached us with recently.

Looking to transform both the exterior as well as the interior, the customer focussed on aesthetics and presence, as much as the substance which lies within.

Bulkhead removal

Gold flooring insulation/sound deadening

6mm ply-lining kit

Full carpet-lining (anthracite), including roof lining - and ply-lining roof 2-stage insulation to all required panels

Altro hard-wearing flooring (Coal colour) with 12mm ply-lining

Both central-opening windows tinted

Both central window black-out curtains

Bulkhead black-out curtain

6xLED spotlights switched at side loading door

Full leisure battery 110ah kit with smart Victron charging system

Externally-located diesel heater

Double USB/12v sockets

He also sourced and supplied his own parts which we endeavoured to fit.

These enveloped;

Roof bars

Front spoiler

Rear spoiler

Side bars

Suffice to say he was proper chuffed with the resultant look and feel of the van, and can’t wait to afford its first road test out in the wilderness.

Where both Mark and this Ford Transit Custom campervan conversion will live most of its life.

As nature intended, etc.

If YOU want to fully immerse yourself/invest in the ultimate vanlife, then be sure to have an informal chat with our team.

Or alternatively - and if you live locally - feel free to drop in for a natter and a brew about what we can do for you/your campervan.

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