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Plug-in Hybrid New VW T7 Multivan California Camper Concept Teased

Whilst the VW ID. Buzz has generated all the column inches in recent times, another potential new Volkswagen campervan has been quietly going about its business without so much fanfare.

The erstwhile T7 Multivan is a hybrid offering for those adventure-seekers who don’t wish to commit to full-fat EV sensibilities just yet.

But what the T7 Multivan has been missing is another perspective on the world that the majority of our campervan conversion customers are overly familiar with the presence of. A pop-top roof.

And a liberal sprinkling of awnings.

You may recall we blogged about the prospect of this happening back in March. And now some five months on VW’s commercials arm has teased some fascinating images pertaining to just how an all-new California for the next generation might be realised.

MultiVAN Art

Before you get too excited, thus far the images are renderings.

Yup, the sort an art college student would be proud of if they were a dab hand with the Magic Markers.

And pitches said T7 Multivan California Concept in a beach dune backdrop, complete with its pop-top roof raised and two sizeable awning canopies extended to either side of the contemporary campervan conversion.

Elsewhere, another image just released depicts a control panel for the thermostat, lights and cooling box. And that’s essentially your lot for now.

Yet you get the idea/bigger picture, despite the visual absence of anything more photographically concrete at this juncture. And as an aside; we much prefer old school marker renderings as opposed to CGI.

When Can We Get Our Hands On The All-new T7 Multivan California

As to when the new plug-in hybrid California concept camper will physically break cover for the first time, and all indications are it’s set to make its official bow at the Caravan Salon show in Dusseldorf, Germany on August the 25th.

With production versions arriving some time in 2024 according to reliable sources.

Which is fitting, given that 35 years ago this served as the platform for VW first announcing its California intentions. Since then the VW Commercial Vehicles have manufactured over 260k.

Four generations have materialised during this timeline, and there’s no denying that the illustrative purposes-only latest iteration of the California will court a lot of attention.

So, What Exactly Are We Looking At In This Artist’s Impression Of The T7 Multivan California Concept?

The California is the official moniker afforded VW’s dedicated motorhome versions of the indefatigable Transporter. A travel-orientated commercial vehicle with much longevity; an icon which commands kudos wherever it roams.

But visionary hyperbole aside, just what is the Multivan like in California concept form.

It facilitates the LWB version of the Volkswagen T7 Multivan as its launch pad, and will house a pop-top roof as standard kit. Which adds an additional 6.5 feet of height when deployed.

In terms of power supply, and the Multivan brandishes an eHybrid PHEV powertrain, utilising a 1.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder fused with an electric motor. Which creates a total of 215bhp, with the 10.4-kilowatt-hour battery providing a range of up to 30 miles.

That being said, rumours are swirling around that the Cali might not even receive this combined unit, with Veedub remaining tight-lipped at this juncture with no official word being forthcoming.

Say What?....

With much still to be ruled in and out with the VW T7 Multivan California concept, we leave the final words on the subject to the CEO of VW Commercial Vehicles, Carsten Intra.

Who, during a press conference earlier this year said the following; “We want to expand the range around the business with our camping models - and thus offer our customers that special California feeling.”

VW is also wanting to generate a further buzz around its equally new ID. Buzz (full ‘leccy campervan-in-waiting) by also lavishing it with the California treatment. With 2025 slated in for an approximate arrival date.

From Venice Beach To West Kirby Beach. We Can Afford Your Current Campervan That California Look And Feel

Of course in the meantime - and if you can’t wait for the launch of the T7 Multivan California - you can talk to us about ALL your Volkswagen campervan conversion requirements.

As we routinely work on all iterations of the Volkswagen T5 and T6 campervans, along with various individual briefs on other campervan brands which our legion of customers old and new bring to us.

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