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Another Customer Campervan Conversion | #trickytransporter - #everythingblack

If there’s one thing we love more than a swamper camper conversion, then it’s a sports van conversion. But what if a customer approached us asking for a sort-of-swamper-sportsvan conversion?

Not for the first time, of course.

A new customer asked if it was possible to team some typical swamper aspects to a contemporary sportsvan set-up. Naturally enough we answered in the affirmative. As we are very much ‘yes men’.

‘No’ doesn’t form part of our vocabulary when it comes to anything campervan conversion

A World Of Adventure Awaits

Our very latest customer is an out-and-out adventurer who is very much into their extreme sports and generally escaping the rat race. So their brief was very much a simplistic, streamlined yet ultimately stealthy campervan conversion which could accommodate all the equipment relating to their sporting pursuits of choice.

The three ‘S’s’ if you like. 

Versatility was also another buzzword connected with this full-build, which is why they opted for the Ovano bed/seating/storage solution.

And the super-streamlined Skyline SkyLow pop-top roof.

Stealth Doesn’t Even Come Close

But if there’s one visual element which underpins this entire campervan construct then it’s ‘stealth’. #everythingblack is a hashtag seemingly created for this van conversion, as literally the majority of the fixtures and fittings in this build are black.

Or at the very least, dark grey. 

And then there’s the textures at work, rest and play here. 

If you’re a touchy, feely type of campervan conversion individual (like us), then you’d just LOVE the materials requested by the customer; and which we duly sourced and frequented in the areas of the build as specified in the bespoke brief.

We’re talking suede, alcantara and phenolic birch amongst other incredibly tactile surface areas. And all finished in extremely dark hues and saturations.

Or if not, black.

Black On Black

The exterior is very much black-on-black too, with even the scenic roof tent canvas presented in a very dark anthracite colour.

Or essentially black, to you and us. 

This is complimented still further by the introduction of black rims.

Which is precisely where the swamper-like bit we mentioned at the top makes its presence known/felt. 

As they are enveloped by chunky, semi off-road tyres which ultimately afford the campervan conversion significantly greater driving comfort than alternative low profiles would in contrast. 

Any road, should you like what you see here (and why wouldn’t you), and you’re looking to convert YOUR campervan in the near future, then please don’t hesitate to talk to our team today.

And a campervan conversion of this nature could be your gateway to the great outdoors throughout 2024 and far, far beyond. 

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