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COLLECTION DAY! - Our Swamper-Sportsvan Crossover Handed Back To Owner

Our second VW Swamper conversion was reunited with its owner just before the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

And boy, were they over the moon with the finished article!

Bearing the social media-friendly hashtag, ‘orangeisnewblackswamper’ (a play on words), in the flesh/metal, this conversion of an existing Volkswagen Transporter straddles two genres.

Namely, the aforementioned 'swamper', fused with 'sportsvan'.

We loved working on this particular Volkswagen campervan conversion, not least because the customer was a pleasure to collaborate with from the start to the finish of the build.

Coupled with the underlying fact that they pretty much afforded us carte blanche to make this swamper as 'beast mode' as is physically possible.

If you’d like us to create a crossover campervan - something similar/ANY other style of campervan conversion - then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our talented team.

Who will be more than happy to talk through your potential build with you, either HERE; or alternatively via phone, email, social media messaging or in person. However you'd prefer to roll...

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