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We’re Diversifying: Race Weekend Motorsport Van Conversions

We’re moving into new sectors in 2024, as the conversion business continues to expand.

Along with our future horizons.

And if the world of #vanlife wasn’t exciting enough, we’re now gearing up towards providing transport solutions for various motorsport activities.

Be it motocross, karting or even formula race series’.

And why not.

After all, this is another fast emerging market which is keeping up with customer’s motorsport interests, where weekend accommodation solutions are a primary concern for those committed to travelling around the UK pursuing their dream, or that of a loved one.

Engines Optional

On less motorized matters, we can also convert vehicles for road and mountain bike eventing and campaigning, whether you’re a dedicated pro or more of an obsessed amateur.

As the volume of people who either compete or thrill-seek far and wide in their spare time grows, so does the need for suitable mobile housing.

And who better skilled and equipped to respond to this demand than the team here at Wirral Custom Campers.

Whatever your race van conversion requirements, we can create what you’re looking for going forward.

Just What Type Of Conversions Are We Talking About?....

Take your pick from any of the conversion types cited beneath and we will endeavour to work with you to design precisely what you need your van to accommodate.

In terms of equipment, people, hardware, logistics, etc. 

*Motocross van conversions

*Horsebox conversions

*Race vans

*Hobbyist van conversions

*Go karting van conversions

*Road bike van conversions

*Race weekend van conversions

*Motorsport van conversions

*Motorsport campervan conversions

*Sporthome van conversions

*Motorsport mobile home conversion

*Specialist motorsport van conversion

*Race cruise van conversion

*Race camper for motocross

*Race camper for motorsport

*Race van conversion

All of the above makes perfect sense when you consider our background and professional skillset.

An absolute ‘no brainer’ as they say. 

What Do I Do Next?

Should you be interested in converting a vehicle for any of the above purposes, then please talk to our team.

As you know our experience with both campervan and work van conversions of all scales puts us in the driving seat when it comes to converting other leisure-oriented vehicles. 

What’s more, we will be building and maintaining race weekend van conversions (and all of the above variations on a theme).

We look forward to discussing your individual requirements with you.

(all library images sourced from Google for illustrative purposes only)

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