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World’s First VW ID. Buzz Campervan Conversion!

And no. It’s got nothing to do with us on this occasion.

It was only a matter of time. ‘When’, not ‘if’, a Volkswagen campervan conversion company created the world’s first (non-official) campervan from the brand new VW ID. Buzz.

And the wait wasn’t THAT long.

It’s also probably little surprise to learn that the protagonist is a dedicated German campervan conversion house, called Alpin Camper. It’s only right that a native conversion company claims bragging rights to transforming this milestone next chapter in the timeline of the iconic Veedub microbus.

Independent Veedub Campervan Conversion Specialist Steals March On VW

Although VW plans on creating its version of the VW ID. Buzz campervan as hotly anticipated, this won’t bear fruition until the middle of the decade. This projected factory camper conversion of the ID. Buzz will potentially carry the famous ‘California’ moniker, and ride on a longer wheelbase.

So, in the meantime, it stands to reason that independent Volkswagen campervan conversion specialists would attempt to plug this glaring gap in the interim.

Which is why/when/who/why/which Alpin Camper quickly stepped up to the table.

Someone had to, right.

And being based in Germany means the new ID. Buzz is in their own backyard, as such.

Limitless Campervan Conversion Potential Of New ID. Buzz

Of course, as vastly experienced VW campervan conversion coachbuilders ourselves, we were hugely excited to see what fellow Transporter transformers have been up to. As always, it’s prudent to keep a weather eye on the competition.

At a quick glance, they’ve gone with an understated approach to campervan converting, and opted for spaciousness rather than over-fussiness. Essentially, there’s a long bench which transforms into a full size bed for two, whilst elsewhere there’s a mini kitchenette in situ. Which is underpinned by an in-built electric water heating system and an integrated fridge located beneath the bench.

Unlike our own practical and stylish pop-top roofs - manufactured and supplied by our friends over at Skyline Roofs - the version of extendable living/sleeping quarter events found in the planet’s first ID. Buzz campervan conversion is somewhat limited.

Limited by the underlying fact that you can’t sleep in it.

Occupants can of course stand upright more freely, and a certain amount of additional ‘space’ becomes readily available as a direct result. But head room aside, the practicalities begin and end there.

Note to selves, something to think about/work on if we get the opportunity to in the foreseeable future.

Eco-friendly ID. Buzz Conduit To Hippy Principles Of Yore

A neat touch we do approve of however, is all the electrical components for the living area being secreted away underneath the passenger seat.

In summary, it’s an enterprising and cautiously ambitious start to the campervan converting world finding accommodation solutions for the super exciting Volkswagen ID. Buzz.

Eco-friendly materials are discovered at every turn and touch, whilst overall finish is in bright colours. Which lend themselves fantastically to the whole contemporary look and feel. Plus, it creates more space as a sort of optical illusion.

We’re Buzzy Bees Permanently


Just because we’re not pencilled in to convert a brand new VW ID. Buzz any time soon (although we hope it won’t be long before we bag our first), doesn’t mean we have idle hands.

Far from it.

Not when we continue to be inundated with enquiries and the order book is positively bursting at the seams with bookings for a broad spectrum of Volkswagen campervan conversion briefs.

Get in touch for an informal chat today, if you require ANY type of campervan conversion work carrying out.

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