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It’s Official! Sleeping In Campervans Is The Cure For Everything*

*OK. Not quite. But you get our drift.

And drifting off is precisely where you’ll find yourself in your campervan conversion after a hard day’s adventuring in the great outdoors.

According to a recent chat with acknowledged sleep expert, Sammy Margo (we know, that sounds like the ultimate gig), a night under the stars in a campervan could potentially be the solution for a nation which suffers from insomnia.

Did you know that some 7.5 million of us regularly endure restless nights; with medical experts telling us that this can subsequently lead to compromised mental and physical health.

Campervans Are The Answer To Insomnia. Kinda. No, Seriously…

In collaboration with the new Volkswagen California, the chartered physiotherapist and author of ‘The Good Sleep Expert’ was invited to spend a week living with the latest California 6.1 Ocean campervan, which would allow Margo to carry out her in-depth studies.

Measuring various factors during a number of conditions - including comfort, temperature and mattress firmness - she was so smitten with the California’s nocturnal sleeping arrangements that Margo concluded that the camper might well optimise sleep in the direct aftermath of a day’s exploring.

The sleep guru said; “Sleeping outdoors offers a myriad of benefits in helping promote good sleep, including improving mental and physical wellbeing and helping connect campers with their natural circadian rhythm.”

Margo went on to add; “It is my belief that a good night’s sleep under the stars has the potential to act as a circuit break and ultimately encourage more restful sleep.”

Top Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep In A Campervan Conversion

To help all of us #vanlifers extract the best night’s sleep Margo has compiled a list of top tips, which are cited beneath.

Firstly it’s prudent to get as much fresh air as possible, together with exposure to daylight. Both work wonders for your circadian rhythm. Promoting a better night’s sleep apparently. Enveloping yourself in rural air helps re-set the natural body clock. And don’t forget to allow fresh air to circulate in your campervan even through the cooler nights.

Elsewhere, just find yourself ‘at one with nature’. You won’t believe the calming effect it has, whilst subsequently minimising cortisol.

You’re already well on the road to de-stressing simply by subscribing to the #vanlifestyle. Think about it for a minute. No check-ins, no queues, no ridiculous check-in times and manic departure lounges before your getaway even gets under way. Which in turn positively impacts sleep quality.

Meanwhile, you should always strive to ensure that your campervan conversion is effectively a ‘home-from-home’ environment. Don’t forget to pack pillows, duvets, blankets, etc. All of which are loaded with familiar scents and aromas which in itself is more conducive to restfulness overnight.

Don’t forget to pack ear plugs, eye masks and even your favourite calming fragrances (lavender works really well) to leave nothing to chance when it comes to deep and meaningful sleep when you’re away in your campervan. And as we are massive advocates of, invest in black-out blinds so as to create the ultimate night space for 'R and R'.

Talk Campervan Conversions With Us

Of course, to put you on the right road to a good night’s sleep per se, then investing in a campervan conversion is pretty much a peerless means of achieving this. #vanlifers are just generally more chilled and opt for a slower pace of life.

Away from all the freneticism and negative vibes commonly associated with today's blink-and-you’ll-miss-it society.

And this last paragraph is the bit where we come in.

Feel free to have an informal chat with us whenever you like, to discuss your campervan conversion build. Be it a full, ground-up one or simply adding elements to your existing van.

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