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Skoda Creates Virtual Office/Pseudo Campervan Hybrid

...and we all want in!

Skoda is a bit of a departure for us, given we traditionally convert Veedubs into bespoke campervans. For customers, corporate clients and of course, our very own in-house builds.

But that’s not to say we don’t love to see improvising. Or leftfield thinking when it comes to any type of campervan conversion.

Skoda might not have Volkswagen’s campervan heritage to fall back on, but that’s not to say it can’t redefine the box.

Which is precisely what Skoda has done with the Roadiaq. Or rather, its crack team of design/engineering apprentices have.

Skoda Caddy Conversion, Anyone?..

In terms of names, Skoda’s design school apprentices have previous.

After the Sunroq, Mountiaq and Afriq, we now have our new favourite; the Roadiaq.

Which makes us think it can’t be long before the Skoda Zodiaq, surely. Although we might be waiting a while longer before the Skoda Maniaq and Agrophobiaq debuts.

Name-calling aside, the following paragraph is the bit where we tell you exactly what the latest in a long line of fascinating Skoda student-inspired concept vehicles is all about.

That being said, you can probably work out what it is/does simply by looking at the accompanying imagery.

Yup, the Skoda Roadiaq is that perfect fusion/hybrid of mobile hot desk and pseudo campervan which the world didn’t even realise it had been waiting for.

And still might not after the dust has settled on this reveal.

But ours is not to judge.

But instead to flag up the mother of invention.


The Skoda Roadiaq doesn’t necessarily fall under the umbrella of necessity. That much is true.

However, what the Roadiaq does represent is ingenuity and leftfield thinking. Two hugely important traits that the next generation of automotive designers need in their lockers more than anything else.

Back Story, If You Will….

Around this time of year for nigh on a decade (and kicking things off with the Skoda Citijet*), design students attending Skoda’s in-house Vocational School have been tasked with creating one-off future vehicular projects.

Which demonstrates their collective grasp of all the key elements which maketh concept cars. And subsequently, production cars.

Providing everything goes according to plan and both the engineering and marketing departments agree to move forward together, etc, etc.

Casting our enviable glances on the all-new Skoda Roadiaq, to arrive where it has at this juncture, 29 apprentices spent over 2,000 hours converting what started out its life as an Enyaq.

Before being reimagined as this.

A mobile office facility that doubles as a campervan.

Well, a day van if we’re splitting hairs.

The premise is that the Roadiaq appeals to the emerging digital nomadic sector.

A genre of folk who have been able to relocate their office spaces geographically wherever they please, in the aftermath of successive national lockdowns. Thus the Roadiaq combines part virtual office workspace, part day van.

Anything Else Considered A ‘First’ About The Skoda Roadiaq?

Other than the underlying fact that it’s an EV, you mean.

Yup, whilst the Enyaq donor is an all-wheel-drive SUV (akin to the Sunroq, Mountiaq and Afriq jacked-up models that Skoda’s design students have been let loose to dream up in years gone by), the Roadiaq is the very first EV that this class of ‘23 has gotten to grips with.

Nine months in the making, Skoda’s visionary students modified what started out life as an Enyaq 80x Sportline. Before being lavished with 21” Supernova wheels and a stunning Emerald Green/Moon White exterior paint job.

But as is the case with all camper conversions, the real magic happens inside. And despite being a Skoda SUV for all in tents (sic) and purposes, the student design manages to open up interior quarters enough to accommodate a one-person sleeping arrangement and even a smattering of rudimentary kitchen appliances to boot.

Literally/physically, to boot.

Chairs and tables are also in evidence, utilising this TARDIS-like living space with generous aplomb, to ensure elementary creature comforts as expected with your typical home-from-home environment.

Meanwhile there’s even room for a solar-powered shower and an espresso machine, together with a ‘survival kit’ and wireless speakers.

And when you’re relaxing post-adventure, there’s a 27” screened TV that houses a docking station, wireless keyboard, mouse and a myriad of power sockets to extend that virtual office feel.

Mirroring the previous eight Skoda Academy student cars, the Roadiaq will only exist in this one-off guise, so as to showcase the talents and potential of Skoda’s vocational school.

Our Team Routinely Displays Roadiaqal Tendencies

To be honest, the Skoda Roadiaq very much appeals to us.

As we admire anyone in the business of converting all/any shapes and sizes of VW Audi Group commercial vehicles into customer-spec campervans.

If not for the ingenuity of the space-filling, then the quality of the finish. Box-ticking which Skoda has clearly achieved here with its novel Roadiaq concept.

Should you want something more conventional (and veedub-y), then we are your go-to folk for Transporter and Crafter campervan conversions.

But you probably already know this.

Just holler if you’re looking for partial or full builds, or need any other individual installs on a campervan you already have, or maybe ion the process of acquiring for future endeavours.

*a Skoda Citijet is, if you recall (fondly or otherwise), a convertible version of the Citigo.

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