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Did You Know That Obi Wan Kenobe Owns Dozens of VW Transporter Campervans?

As is the ready availability of an expansive bank account to support his seeming objective of acquiring as many Veedub campervans as is humanly possible.

McGregor’s passion for Volkswagens in their various guises isn’t solely reserved for Transporters of certain vintages, neither. As he’s also (very) partial to the original Beetle, as we’re about to discover.

Yet McGregor isn’t one for nostalgia alone.

If he was, he wouldn’t have electrified his Beetle for a quiet start.

Nor would he be fascinated by the emergence of the EV-only ID. Buzz. Intrigue which has led to signing on the dotted line himself.

Veedub Transporter Passion Borne Out Of Childhood Experiences

It was McGregor's idyllic childhood that gave rise to his love of Volkswagens of yore.

Describing recently how family summer holidays would involve being in the back of his parent’s original VW Beetle, as they drove through the night from their Scottish home to the south coast. In order to catch the ferry across to France, and their holiday destination.

Spurred on by this annual pilgrimage, just as soon as McGregor was old enough he bought himself his first car. An almost identical Beetle to his parent’s of old.

Yet as his own destiny called, he desperately needed to fund his drama school dreams, and so his beloved Beetle was exchanged for money.

McGregor’s Many Wonderful VW Campervans

Fast forward a few decades or more, and today McGregor owns not one, but three Beetles of the same vintage as his own original example.

Along with a left-hand drive 1958 split-screen T1 Transporter, a 1960 T1 Transporter pick-up and two 1967 VW Westfalia’s.

To name just a small handful of his 30-strong personal collection. A collection which houses numerous variations on a Veedub Transporter theme.

McGregor talked about the enduring appeal of Volkswagen Transporter campervans as part of a recent interview he was the subject of, in his capacity of brand ambassador for Volkswagen.

The Star Wars’ actor said; “When you drive them, people smile and wave at you. The old splitscreen campers and the campers with two-tone paintwork from back then are real icons. You see them a lot in America, and very often in California.”

With such a burgeoning, VW campervan-heavy lock-up, you might think McGregor would be looking to build various extensions to further accommodate his hobby. Until he explains that to ensure it doesn’t get out of hand, in the event of him buying a new vehicle, he first must sell an existing one.

That being said, there are exceptions to this general rule of thumb.

McGregor admits that he’ll never bid farewell to his 1954 blue Beetle with its oval rear window. A classic Veedub which he’s essentially future-proofed by way of being custom-converted to electricity by a specialist in San Diego.

In With The Old, In With The New….

We share McGregor’s passion for all things Volkswagen campervannery.

Which shouldn’t shock many of our readers/customers.

And while we’re not necessarily in the business of converting retro buses as such, the team totally appreciates the classic Veedub scene.

If, however, your personal taste is of a more contemporary nature, then you know you’ve rocked up at the right place.

So, please don’t hesitate to have an informal chat about your campervan conversion requirements with our team.

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