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VW ID Buzz Wars: Welcome To The Light And Dark Side

As if the reveal of the all-new VW ID Buzz wasn’t exciting enough, Volkswagen has recruited the promotional assistance of a certain Obi-Wan Kenobe to help drum up a bit of added kudos.

You remember him.

Handy with a lightsaber, best friends with R2D2, rocks a tunic and all-round good guy.

What’s more, VW has created two unique Star Wars themed versions of the out-of-this-world ID Buzz, which were first revealed at the iconic Star Wars celebrations which recently played out at Anaheim, California.

Namely, the ‘Light Side Edition’ and ‘Dark Side Edition’.

The Force is Strong in These Two

Key differentials being the former model’s exterior colourways lends from Obi-Wan Kenobe’s tunic, while the chrome surface areas are a nod to spaceships and droids. Additionally, the blue accents are said to pay homage to Obi-Wan’s blue lightsaber, which contrast the Rebel Alliance logos discovered on the centre caps of the alloys and side windows.

The latter version of events - the Dark Side Edition - facilitates the ID Buzz cargo van version, which comes in a matte all black finish. To acknowledge the dark lord, Darth Vader himself. Elsewhere the red side lines, window surfaces and lights visually acknowledge Vader’s distinctive red lightsaber.

The Jedi Master Gets to Grips With the All-new ID Buzz

Of course, Obi-Wan in real life, has a long-held passion for Volkswagen campers. With new ID Buzz brand ambassador, Ewan McGregor the proud owner of a classic split screen Volkswagen bus of old.

So we dare say he feels privileged to do a job for Veedub with the future-proof bus/Buzz.

You can see Obi-Wan/Ewan putting in a cameo appearance in the latest Volkswagen advert for the ID Buzz. A particularly cool ad, made all the cooler by the presence of everyone's favourite intergalactic droid, R2D2 attempting to communicate with his new-found EV buddie.

The question we have is this.


Let us know in the comments beneath.

And in the meantime, get in touch with our master Jedi campervan converters should you require ANY build work completed on your Volkswagen Transporter.

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