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From One Festival-Ready Campervan Conversion To Another/Yours

Now, while we might* be ALL about contemporary Volkswagen campervan conversions, that’s not to say we don’t appreciate something a 'bit' more retro of flavour.

Indeedy, whilst our stock in trade is Volkswagen T6 and T6.1 Transporter campervan conversions, the team are partial to some older Veedub peace and love.

Cue T2’s and T3’s appearing somewhere on the horizon.

Which also helps to explain why we think THIS 1977 Dodge Tradesman minivan is joyous to behold.

Not least for the converter’s radical approach to carpet-lining.

Which as you can see from the accompanying images has been inspired from a perfect fusion of 1970’s shag pile carpet and watching a little too many Austin Powers flicks.

Let Us Ensure That Your Campervan Is Festival-Ready This Summer!

It’s fair to say that this - how can we put this - rough and ready campervan conversion is primarily ‘festival ready’.

And would certainly stand out in a crowded field somewhere. Somewhere in a field in Hampshire. Or Wiltshire or Somerset.

But then again, so could YOURS.

Plus, you don’t have to venture down the out-and-out there campervan conversion road to own a van which creates a slightly less traffic-stopping stir amongst fellow campervan/festival movers and shakers.

Yet conversely ticks ALL the boxes that comprise YOUR dream campervan conversion.

Which is exactly what we’re in the business of doing here.

Let Your Imagination Run Riot/Throw Caution To The Wind

Our expert team both design and build our own, bespoke, in-house campervan conversions, whilst also fulfilling the individual briefs of our ever-expanding customer bases’ personal builds.

The good news for you guys is that we have a recurring habit of making VW Swampers too, which are even more festival-ready.

If your idea/the actual reality of your typical summer festival, involves a lot of mud and challenging driving surfaces, then one of our Swampers would be just the VIP access all areas ticket.

You’re probably aware Swampers are derived from Volkswagen Transporters. Only with wet field-navigating benefits including high lift kits and huge (and grippy) off-road tyres.

It matters not what type of campervan conversion you desire. From erstwhile VW Transporters up to Goliath-esque Crafters, we work on the lot.

Have an informal chat with a member of our team today to find out what we can do for you.


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