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Introducing Our Exciting Volkswagen Swamper-Sportsvan Crossover!

You know us by now.

We love to christen our customer’s VW campervan conversions.

And the current build we’re on with, is no exception to that unwritten rule.

Hashtag-friendly social media names aside, the 'orangeisnewblackswamper' conversion represents a first for Wirral Custom Campers. In as much as it’s the first time we’re creating a unique campervan in this niche genre. If indeed, the genre is even recognised universally as we write.

Although we’ve previously delivered on our first official VW swamper (the memorable 'projectswamper', if you recall), which we were sad to witness leaving Campervan Conversion HQ of late).

However, this time around we’re essentially constructing a swamper-sportsvan crossover. A sporty, yet very much off-road hybrid-of-sorts, which can be used in pretty much any given environment.

Beast Swamper Readies For Action

More than anything, we’re adhering to one of, if not THE most exciting customer briefs we’ve ever had. With a list of products which have thus far included;

*off-grid swamper wheels and tyres


*wheel arch extensions

*jacked up suspension

*nudge bar

*carbonfibre-effect bonnet bib

*roof bars

*a snorkel

*rear roof ladder

*roof-mounted 150-watt solar panel

....and of course, a Skyline pop-top scenic roof (complete with contrasting orange tent canvas).

And that’s just some of the dedicated exterior flourishes.

Inside, we’re about to embark on the installation of a complimenting orange-themed kitchen. While previously we fulfilled our enthusiastic customer’s request for wrap-around leather Recaro seats, with orange stitching adding to the sublime overall look and feel.

Don’t forget to keep checking back on our social media accounts to observe the progress of this very personalised Veedub campervan conversion. Which both the customer and ourselves are feverishly anticipating the completion of/grand reveal very soon!

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our talented team of Transporter transformers to talk through your dream Volkswagen campervan build.

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