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Transform Your Transporter T6.1 Into A Streetvan Named Desire


If you own - or conversely, are planning to own any time soon - a Volkswagen Transporter T6.1, then the chances are you might wish to personalise it to your own individual taste. Something which reflects you.

It’s just something the global Veedub campervan community do, whether they own and drive a retro bus, or something brand-spanking new and shiny. Like for example, a Transporter 6.1.

Some folk choose to venture down the swamper path of self-fulfillment. Whilst others prefer the more travelled road of sportsvan. Which inevitably means adding a bit of kit as well as caboodle to your Volkswagen van.

If You Like a Bit of 'Front', You've Come to The Right Place

As you might imagine, there are numerous companies out there who specialise in bodykits which transform your Transporter into something which stands out from the crowd. Providing a bit of value-added bite and street presence.

One of those manufacturers which has been designing mods for the Veedub scene for many a moon is ABT Sportsline. These guys also engine tune for the wider VW sceneology when not injection-moulding some pretty nifty fibreglass and resin-based creations which attach directly to the business end of your Transporter.

And now we’re proud/very excited to announce that our team can supply and fit genuine ABT Sportsline front-end conversion kits to your vehicle. Complete with fog lights.

Instantly creating a race-look sportsvan that even Dominic Toretto would be happy to be seen in.

From the front-end, at least.

What’s more, we can seamlessly colour-code it to YOUR T6.1 van’s current exterior palette.

How Much Are We Talking?

And what all this ‘cool as’ ABT exterior tweaking will cost you?

Everything done and dusted for just £2,950!

To find out more about this amazing deal, and to find out about availability going forward, please don’t hesitate to have an informal chat with our team here at Wirral Custom Campers.

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