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We’ve Fitted Our Very First SkyLow!

It’s fair to describe us as old hands/past masters at the art of installing Skyline’s standard pop-top roofs. With plenty of man hours to support this claim.

However, we hadn’t ever fitted Skyline’s hugely popular, low profile SkyLow pop-top roofs.

Until that is, this last week.

On the back of being recognized as one of Skyline Roofs’ official fitting companies for the North West, our team were recently invited down to Skyline’s Somerset HQ for a day of intensive in-house training on the installation of the much sought-after SkyLow.

The skills learned, then instantly transferable to our own customer’s future pop-top briefs.

And We’re Under Way!.....

The future came pretty much immediately, with us now having notched up our very first SkyLow install, as observed here.

Suffice to say the baptism of fire proved very rewarding for our team, who quickly put into practice what they’d learned first-hand during their training day with Skyline.

Working enthusiastically and diligently on one of our current customer’s VW Transporter campervan conversions.


The resultant roof is now in situ and a joy to behold.

Made even more satisfactory by the presence of the tent canvas colour.

A stunning ‘Hearty Burgundy’, which especially contrasts the low profile roof in terms of both shade and finish.

Now we’ve got our first SkyLow under our belt, then the sky really is the limit. If you’ll excuse the pun.

So, if you’re considering the acquisition of a low profile pop-top roof and you’re based here in the North West, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today to book in for fitting.

And ultimately invite the outdoors, indoors whilst on your travels. And opening up an accommodating volume of additional roof space.

We look forward to hearing from you…..

The Wirral Custom Campers Team

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