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When Is A VW Transporter Not A VW Transporter? But A Porsche In Disguise

Aha. The ultimate sleeper, by that headline alone. Just picture it in your mind’s eye.

A seemingly non-descript Volkswagen T3 Caravelle finished in anonymous white, albeit in great condition, but otherwise merging into any VW-fest background.

Until you learn that lurking on the other side of the bonnet is the beating heart of a seminal Porsche supercar. Notably, the mighty 3.2-litre boxer engine lifted directly from a 911 Carrera.

So, essentially creating a Veedub Carreravelle, if you like.

Before you accuse us of engaging in the sort of ramblings that suggest we’ve been burning the candle at both ends, bear with us. We’ll start making sense very soon.

We promise.

Wait. You’re Telling Us There’s A Porsche In Existence With A VW Badge?!

What you’re currently feasting your eyes on is a Porsche B32. Or is it a VW B32??

Despite the vehicle starting out in its otherwise unassuming automotive life as a humble T3 Transporter.

Somewhere along the way Porsche got in on the act and liberally sprinkled some of its magic dust in the direction of the erstwhile hippiemobile.

The ‘somewhere along the way’ bit refers specifically to somewhere roughly between Paris and Dakar. And the dusty, inhospitable route of the famous rally of the same name which plays out between the two geographical touchpoints.

The story goes like this. When Porsche decided it wanted to take its awesome 959 Group B rally car to compete in said Paris-Dakar race in the 1980’s, there was a necessity for a practical support vehicle.

One which could keep up with the rally, and in particular a rally-prepped Porsche 959.

How Do We Suddenly Know All About This?

Because one of only 7 vans has just appeared in the classifieds.

Yup, VW, sorry, Porsche’s skunkwerks created not just the singular back-up beast. Legend has it that they manufactured 6 more for good measure. Further legend/myth implies the actual count might even be in double figures.

But what this blog is rooted in, is hard facts.

Despite its original T3 Kombi underpinnings, things took a turn for the ‘cor blimey’ once the Porsche skunkwerks in Welcherath took over the reins. A faculty based near - citadel of speed - Nurburgring.

The scene of much automotive malarkey over the past few decades, and where manufacturers traditionally ‘blood’ their promising newborns.

What Engine Was Rejected To Make Way For The New Porsche Lump?

It’s thought that a 1.9-litre four-cylinder block gave up its habitual place in the scheme of things, to be usurped by Stuttgart’s new and improved heavyweight unit.

However, it wasn’t simply a case of swapping one engine for the other, as the new Frankenvan had to be fitted with the sort of suspension that could ably support its new powerplant and safeguard the chassis’ physical integrity.

The beefing up continued with the addition of larger, ventilated Porsche brake discs located up front. Sat behind 16-inch iconic Porsche Fuchs rims. Elsewhere a new Porsche transmission was recruited to manage the significant increase in power.

Meanwhile, aesthetical mods included a front spoiler and rear diffuser afforded the B32 some significant road presence.

Oh, and just how much would this uber rare Porsche Veedub cost potential new buyers?

Upwards of £300K, in the event.

According to more information gleaned from reputed sources, THIS specific Mother-of-Pearl-coloured 1985 example was custom-built for the (then) Porsche CEO, a chap called Peter W Schutz.

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