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BUZZ SPORTSYEAR! VW ID. Buzz With Wicked Bodykit!

Coming to a street scene near you in early 2023….

The all-new VW ID. Buzz represents many things to many people/potential owners. Freedom. Planet-saving (think of the dedicated EV underpinnings). Versatility. Quirkiness. A lofty driving position. Style. Tech. Great range. Durability. Reliability. Future-proof.

And now for something which nobody was expecting.

Sportiness. Performance-specced. Boy racer’d up.

OK. It’s more style over substance.

Not that the ‘substance’ isn’t a thing of beauty in its rawest form. It’s not like a tuner has come along and ripped out the batteries and ancillaries and replaced the EV aspect with a Porsche flat-six, or anything as ludicrous/contrite.

No, instead Norwegian manufacturer, Zyrus Engineering (you heard the name here first, when people ask, right) has just revealed its new carbon fibre bodykit which it intends creating for the ID. Buzz. Via a series of slick marker visuals, or whatever else the Photoshop whizzes reach for these more enlightened days.

While it turns out that Zyrus has some ‘previous’ in terms of the carbon fibre tweaking of supercars - notably a couple of Lamborghini’s and a Porsche Taycan - it’s come as something of a surprise to learn it’s doing its ‘thang’ in the vicinity of Veedub’s first foray into the electrification of the otherwise subdued people carrier segment.

But what the heck! When you’re talking about a bespoke bodykit that looks THIS good, then we’re totally on-board with it.

As far as we can establish, Zyrus is the first firm to customise the next-generation Volkswagen ID. Buzz, at least from a purely aesthetic viewpoint. And it’s definitely not holding back in the aggressive styling department, that’s for sure.

Sketches seen hereabouts depict low side skirts and a front splitter, teamed with a rear diffuser and a sizeable rear wing. Discretion isn’t the name of the game, but when a leisure vehicle cries out for applied downforce, then Zyrus is seemingly the ‘go to’ guys.

The proviso being you’ve got the spare £10k required to personalise your ID. Buzz in this fashion. And if you have, may we casually suggest that you try and source an additional £4k to acquire the 22” carbon wheels with bespoke carbon aerodiscs for good measure.

What do you think of this awesome kit? Is it a bit of you? Or strictly 'not on your watch?'

Let us know in the comments section beneath....

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