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Goodbye Orange Brick Road

#whitershadeoforangecampervan - Another Departure.....

Now, to make ourselves perfectly clear.

We’re neither describing this customer’s lovely VW Transporter as brick-like in aesthetic (unlike EVERY 80’s Volvo), nor dissing Watford’s finest export, Elton himself by borrowing from/paraphrasing one of his instantly recognisable songbook tracks.

Tenuous links notwithstanding, last week we bode farewell to one of our most recent customer builds.

Primarily thanks to its vibrant interior accents which were as sunburst orange as sunburst orange gets. These were contrasted with graphite grey elements of kitchen surface areas, and a lot more besides.

Including ALL of the following as part of our bespoke ‘High-Line Package’:

  • Skyline Roofs’ standard pop-top in Black

  • Scenic tent canvas in Smoke Grey

  • Swivel seats

  • Carpet-lining with 6mm ply kit

  • 2-stage double-layered wall insulation

  • Vinyl floor covering

  • LED spotlights x3

  • Reading lights

  • 12v electrics and leisure battery

  • 240v electrics and electric hook-up, complete with USB sockets x2 and smart charge system

  • SMEG sink

  • Parago 50-litre fridge

  • 10-litre water tank

  • Vanshades blinds

  • RIB seating

  • Ultimate Trim’s upholstered front seats (added foam, RS6-style wingbacks, leather trim)

  • 150-watt solar panel

  • Evo Design kitchen

What Next?

Well, that’s entirely up to you.

If you like what you see hereabouts in the photos, and fancy something similar in design and layout (or literally, ANYTHING else for that matter), then you need to talk through YOUR personal van build specifications with our team of expert campervan conversion coachbuilders.

Then soon enough, you could be heading off on your latest adventures this summer in your perfect home from home, and embracing the much sought-after #vanlife you’ve read about.

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