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Say Hello to Wirral Custom Campers’ Newest Team Member, Paul!

These really are exciting times here at Wirral Custom Campers.

What with continued demand for our bespoke VW campervan builds, and recognition of our standing in the Volkswagen camper conversion community by way of being invited by leading pop-top roof manufacturers, Skyline, to be their official North West fitters.

At the same time, we've just welcomed our latest staff member, Paul, to the team at the beginning of May.

So as to get to know Paul a bit better as he enjoyed his first couple of weeks at Custom Campers HQ, we rapid-fired five campervan conversion-related questions in his general direction.

Hey Paul.....

Wirral Custom Campers; “What's your favourite Veedub camper type? Split screen type 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6.1, Multivan 7 or ID Buzz??”

Paul; “Type 2, definately. We have one in the family, so they’ve always really resonated with me.”

Wirral Custom Campers; “You converted your cool Caddy van, which you’re currently sat on. Can you tell us what your favourite modification is and why?”

Paul; “The diesel heater. When you’re using the van as a camper throughout the seasons, having this instant warmth is a godsend.”

Wirral Custom Campers; “What's your dream conversion? Another Caddy, Crafter, Transporter or something else entirely?”

Paul; “A VW T6 Transporter or Crafter. Either way something bigger and more ambitious, after converting the Caddy.”

Wirral Custom Campers; “Stancing or jacking up? Lowering the suspension or raising it? Sportsvan or Swamper? What’s your preference?”

Paul; “I would raise the suspension, swamper-style next time. As I’ve already done the lowering approach on my Caddy and a previous car. Time for something different.”

Wirral Custom Campers; “And finally Paul, what’s your ultimate road trip or destination in a campervan?”

Paul; “One I’ve done recently. I toured around Europe in my Caddy, and one of my favourite places was Lake Bled in Slovenia. It’s stunning. Elsewhere, Scotland’s NC500 is as epic as everyone says.”

Bringing Even More Experience and Ideas To The Team

It's VAN-tastic to have Paul on-board, with the experience and enthusiasm he brings to the team our successes are all set to reach even greater heights.

Get in touch today if YOU have any questions for us, or simply wish to receive a quote with regards to ANY conversion brief.

Once you're happy, we'll get you booked in for the work. It really is AS EASY as that.

Look forward to hearing from you guys soon!

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