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SOLD - Goodbye Project Swamper!

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Mixed emotions here at Wirral Custom Campers HQ, as we bid farewell to our much-loved 'Project Swamper' this week.

A total ground-up build that quickly turned into an emotional labour of love. With the whole team investing more than just their time and expansive skillset in this special project we undertook in the later stages of 2021.

Representing our first foray into the exciting world of Volkswagen ‘Swampers’, everyone who witnessed the finished result agreed that the subsequent campervan conversion was an unprecedented success. And garnered universal praise wherever it was observed.

Having generated this huge volume of interest from the outset, we are extremely happy that our ‘Project Swamper’ is relocating to a new home where it’ll be as cherished as much as it was during our construction tenure.

Darren and his partner will be embarking on countless adventures in this ‘go anywhere’ VW campervan conversion, with MTB and various other outdoor pursuits gear destined to be transported far and wide by this unique Transporter. According to the enthusiastic couple themselves.

It goes without saying that we wish this intrepid pair happy and safe travels wherever and whenever they venture in ‘Project Swamper’.

By the by, we’re hoping they’ll christen it something personal to them, and look forward to following their journeying timeline in the future.

If you’re wanting to ‘Swampify’ your existing Volkswagen Transporter, then please don’t hesitate to have an informal chat with the friendly team here at Wirral Custom Campers. Who’ll be keen to learn of your plans and potential campervan conversion brief. And equally enthusiastic to talk you through how we can make your vision a reality.

Speak to us today via our usual channels of communication to discover just what we can do, and how we can transform your Volkswagen campervan.

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