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The World is Your Oyster with a Bespoke VW Campervan Conversion

We are the home of custom campervan conversions on the Wirral.

Is the latest generation of VW Transporter more yuppie-primed than hippie-primed? Strange question you may feel, but perhaps a pertinent one all the same.

If you cast your mind back to the 1960s and the various summers of love (and all that), one vehicle and one vehicle alone defined a generation with a more casual approach to lifestyle goals. And barbers. And that vehicle was an iconic vehicle that went on to become the doyen of hippiedom. A vehicle which personified the slacker and/or adventurer.

The original couple of generations of VW Transporter instantly created a cult following and were keenly associated with people who easily relinquished the identifiable shackles of establishment. But then something changed.

Slowly at first, but then of late, at a far more rapid pace. And that was the introduction of creature comforts. And incrementally, a lot of them.

Creature comforts were surplus to requirements for children of the 60s, who were ecstatic providing there was enough interior space for a couple of surfboards and mattresses which had seen better days. Kitchens and designated seating areas were not required. And the concept of rock and roll beds and awnings would have simply been not of that world.

Pop-top roofs however quickly became a thing. Because how/where else would you hang your board shorts or wet suits to dry out in the sun.

But times change.

Along with fashions and what’s considered important to people’s vanlife. And #vanlife itself has expanded.

Exploded, to be more accurate.

Veedubs have themselves been at the heart of a groundswell of change over the decades and iterations. With what’s deemed most important within the four walls of these stylish mobile home-from-homes altering with customer’s lifestyle demands. And where once ‘roughing it’ was de rigeur, in 2022 Volkswagen campervans are way more glamping than camping.

Rather like the very latest T7 multivan. Which has been designed with contemporary consumer’s in mind, who demand that their campers come packed with the degree of tech found within Volkswagen’s latest iteration of its seminal campervan. The mid-life crisis surf-chasers will need to adapt or look elsewhere. That being said, the hippies of old would certainly approve of the plug-in electric hybrid units which provide the power source.

And therein, help save the planet.

Whether they’d be quite as enamoured with the on-board driver-assist system, adaptive cruise control, city emergency braking, dynamic road sign display, digital cockpits, wireless inductive smartphone charging, head up displays, and infotainment touchscreen is anyone’s guess.

Your Van. Your Choices.

In a world obsessed with EV sensibilities and the mass proliferation of USB ports, the scope of the typical Veedub camper conversion has had to realign accordingly. And move with the rapidly changing times.

Which is exactly where Wirral Custom Campers step up to the table. And whatever other ‘mod cons’ YOU, as our important customers seek. You may want your campervan conversion equipped with every gadget under the summer sun, or you may wish to strip things back to those halcyon lazy days reminiscent of the 60s. Where the less is more philosophy still counts.

Or perhaps driving off into the actual wilderness, rather than Woodstock version 2.022 is more your thing. In which case, may we interest you in a Volkswagen Swamper. Arguably the ultimate means of off-grid travelling on four wheels and communing more with nature itself. Thanks to the adoption of high-lift kits and chunky go-anywhere wheels and tyres.

Or alternatively, maybe you’re looking for a Volkswagen sportsvan conversion that comes complete with the very latest state-of-the-art kitchens, rock and roll beds, pop-top roofs and awnings. Via performance-spec alloy wheels and suspension lowering kits.

Then again, a larger-than-life VW Crafter campervan conversion could be more your vibe. Something which combines premium fit and feel - in terms of interior fixtures and fittings - with the capability to go pretty much anywhere, anytime. Accommodating more of everything (occupants and kit and caboodle), based on sheer scale alone.

We can - and routinely - build and install the full range of Volkswagen campervan conversions to order. Bespoke and tailored to your exact requirements and visions.

As fully loaded, or as stripped back as you like. The emphasis very much placed on the ‘what you would like’ aspect.

Talk to us Today….

To discuss your personal campervan conversion requirements please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced and friendly team right now.

Who’ll be able to talk you through the entire process and provide advice which will point you in the right direction as to where you wish your campervan conversion journey to be headed.

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