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WE’RE DOING IT ALL OVER AGAIN! And Creating Another Two VW Swamper Conversions!

Only this time they're within most would-be VW campervan conversion owners' budgets!

You love the great outdoors, and it’s more than a hunch that you absolutely love campervanning. Specifically the Veedub branch.

And why settle for the ordinary, when you can choose a go-anywhere swamper conversion that opens up even more expansive horizons.

As you’re well aware if you’re a regular reader of our blog. We have fully converted two VW T6 Transporters into mighty swampers in recent times.

One white. One black (and orange).

Both had a considerable amount of money spent on them to achieve the quality, look and feel we/our customers were after. The orangeisthenewblackswamper’s budget in particular was seemingly open-ended.

Affording our team carte blanche to really go to town on the customer’s brief. Which, while huge fun having a seemingly blank cheque, was perhaps, in fairness, beyond the reach of every campervan conversion customer.

Our Two New Budget VW Swampers Will Be White On The Money

However, now that ‘Project Swamper’ and ‘Orangeinsthenewblackswamper’ are semi-distant memories, it’s time to sink our teeth into another swamper build.

Only with an interesting little twist.

Yup, we’re planning our very first budget swamper conversion. With a view to coming in under £35k.

Yet not compromising the build quality nor the stylistic overtures.

Why Fix Something Which Isn't Broken (When Instead You Can Repeat Your Prior Successes On A Revised Budget)

Over the coming months we’ll revisit many elements of what we’ve done previously with our swampers. Only being extremely mindful of the financial cap we’ve given ourselves from the outset.

That being the exciting challenge we’ve set the team. And to ultimately create a contemporary swamper conversion which is even more affordable than ever before.

Stay tuned to our socials to follow the builds once they get underway, and feel free to engage us at every step of the way.

As always, we’re more than happy to answer your every question - so fire away!

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